Leslie Mann This Is 40 Topless Scene Confirmed Real

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There has been many questions regarding whether or not Leslie Mann’s topless scene in “This Is 40” is real or fake. This is most likely due to her last nude scene in “The Change Up” where she bared her breasts in a few scenes only to reveal that it was prosthetics and lighting and maybe a hint of CGI that contributed to her fake nakedness.

In a recent interview Leslie Mann herself has admitted that she is in fact really topless in “This Is 40” and had done so to get a better feel for the scene. The interview is about half an hour long so we’ve gone ahead and limited the video to the last 4 minutes when she confirms that those are her real boobs in the movie. See the interview below and see the sneak peek at Leslie Mann’s tits below.

Mr. Skin

Just click play and the video will start at the 26 minute mark.


Mr. Skin

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